Since its creation in 2010, AdipoPhYt is based on the founding principle that adipose tissue biology is central to weight management and metabolic diseases. Using specific skills, knowledge and proprietary technology, AdipoPhYt has developed a range of ex vivo adipose tissue products & services in order to improve clinical decision making and translational medicine.

The Company business is concentrated on ex vivo based assays for use in drug discovery, nutrition and cosmetic research. Discovery programs are conducted either in partnership or by AdipoPhYt R&D. 

AdipoPhYt Company staff, recruited from both industrial science and academic research, forms an experienced team, equally familiar with quality assurance, project milestones and customer support as with research and technological innovation.


Our Company tax Status enables our clients to benefit from The French ResearchTax Credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR) by subcontracting their R&D to AdipoPhYt.

Initially a spin-off of INSERM-UPMC U872 research team 7, an international reference in obesity and nutrition research, AdipoPhYt is also a partner of ICAN - Institute of Cardio-metabolism and Nutrition based at Hospital Pitié Salpétrière (Paris).

AdipoPhYt is dedicated to optimize and generate proofs of clinical efficacy through analysis of the biological signature of food-derived or chemical compounds on human adipocyte models







AdipoPhYt services and products are dedicated to achieve ex vivo proof of effiency of your active principle or drug candidate. The company has selected a range of biomarkers and phenotypic characterization which can be easily followed in clinical studies. It will provide clients with scientific substantiation of their active principles for marketing claims, using its robust and fully-validated multiparametric ex vivo assay platform.

AdipoPhYt assays can be customized to fulfill specific client needs and requirements. Collaborative research programs can be designed in order to help clients identify the biological mechanism of action of their active principle and optimize clinical studies.




2010 : Hosted in the business incubator AGORANOV

2010 : Laureate of the 12th contest to support the creation of innovative technology companies - Emergence category: Development of a multiparametric adipocyte screening platform

2010 : Grant from Scientipôle initiative Program

2010 : Grant from technological innovation program : AIMA

2010 : Laureate of the PARIS innovation contest

2011 : Laureate of the 13th contest to support the creation of innovative technology companies - Development category

2011 : Winner of the  nutriaward contest Rewarding innovation in Food, Nutrition and Health – Best startup

2011 : Internal partner of the Institute of Cardiometabolisme and Nutrition (ICAN). This institute of excellence  was created thanks to the French  Strategic Investment Program (Investment of the future). Adipophyt is involved in several scientific programs

2012 : Grant of an Eurostar European Program